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Patient Safety and Efficiency WalkRounds

Problem: Preventing patient safety issues and improving patient efficiencies


Walk rounds are an informal method to talk with front-line staff and patients about safety issues in the organization and to visibly demonstrate patient safety as a high organizational priority.  Walkarounds promote a “just culture” environment; the barriers of shame and potential punishment related to error-reporting are removed, and actionable information related to patient safety hazards collected.  This information-to-action feedback loop is designed to assist and lead to a decrease in adverse events and patient harm and to identify opportunities for improvement based on issues identified.

CancerCare Manitoba has been doing regular Patient Safety and Efficiency WalkRounds since 2015.  Recently the patient perspective has been added to the walkrounds by including a patient advisor on the walk rounds.

The tri-lens perspective of the team: patients; front line staff; and quality personal; provide different perspectives from which issues are identified, acknowledged and recommendations for improvements are made for all Patient and family members are involved as true partners in service delivery and care.


This study looked at outcomes of the patient safety and efficiency walkrounds at our center which aims to promote organizational learning for safer radiation treatment delivery.


The discussion will include a description of what the walkrounds look like when done in a radiation therapy department; review the tools and resources required, and how the corrective action and follow up process works; in addition to the learnings from the walk rounds.

In this presentation we will review the data from 2015-2019 walk rounds by looking at the top 4 types of issues identified and by highlighted the high risk items that were discovered


Corrective actions often result in system fixes that would otherwise not be identified or only so in a reactive and less thought out manner. Bonus:  Avoid the mad accreditation rush!