Welcome to the COMP Student Council Page

The Student Council is a sub-committee of the COMP Science and Education Committee. This page contains a forum in which the Student members of COMP can raise and debate issues of interest to the COMP student members. 

The main objectives will be: to advise the COMP Board through the Science and Education Committee on matters of importance to COMP student members, to assist the organization in attracting and retaining student members and to help develop high quality education courses and other training activities that will promote good practice within the field.

Also we want to announce the creation of a new Facebook group called "COMP Student Council". This group is intended for student networking and to extend our channels of communication. Another use of this group will be to help people find a partner to share accommodation in the coming conferences. 

Terms of Reference

Message from Chairs - 2016

Student Council Committee Members:

Hali Morrison, Chair
Department of Oncology
University of Alberta,
Edmonton, AB

Patricia Oliver, Vice-Chair
Department of Physics
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON

Sarah Cuddy-Walsh
Department of Physics
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON

Sahar Darvish Molla
Department of Medical Physics
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON

Olga Maria Dona Lemus
McMaster School of Biomedical Engineering
St. Joseph Healthcare
Hamilton, ON

Humza Nusrat
Department of Physics
Ryerson University
Toronto, ON

Parisa Sadeghi
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS

Tyler Doiron
University of New Brunswick
Moncton, NB



Residency Programs

Graduate Programs

Presentation by Crystal Angers at ASM Student Council Meeting In Halifax 2012 (Non Hospital Career Path)

Presentation by Brenda Clark at CARO/COMP JSM Student Council Meeting in Montreal 2013 (Residency Program)