Winter School

Project Gallery

* Presenting Author

  1. Dose Site Summary Simplified – A graphical illustration to facilitate evaluation of potential re-treatment overlap
    Han Kim* (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre), Michelle Lau, Andrea Bezjak, Bernard Cummings, Wilfred Levin, Barbara-Ann Millar, Laura MacDougall Sookraj (University Health Network), Laura Dawson

8 February, 2016 - 4:15pm:

  1. 1. Retrospective review of eight years’ recommendations from comprehensive incident and near miss investigations
    Stephen Breen* (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre -UHN and University of Toronto), Lyndon Morley (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre -UHN), Michael Milosevic (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre -UHN and University of Toronto)
  2. 2. La gestion des risques en interdisciplinarité: 15 ans d'expérience
    Audrey Cantin* (CHU de Québec), Lucie Brouard (CHU de Québec)
  3. 3. Radiation safety and logistical issues related to construction, commissioning and “go-live” aspects of a 10 bunker Class II facility under a Private-Public-Partnership (PPP) model.
    Michael D. C. Evans* (McGill University Health Centre), William Parker
  4. 4. CPQR TQC Guidlines for 4D-CT Imaging
    Stewart Gaede* (London Regional Cancer Program), Todd Stevens (London Regional Cancer Program), George Hajdok (London Regional Cancer Program)
  5. 6. National System for Incident Reporting - Radiation Treatment (NSIR-RT)
    John Kildea* (McGill University Health Centre), Logan Montgomery (McGill University), Ciro Maietta (McGill University Health Centre)
  6. 5. A team approach to incident learning to improve patient safety
    Renée Larouche* (CHUM - Hopital Notre-Dame), Deborah Pascale (CHUM - Hopital Notre-Dame), Toni Vu (CHUM - Hopital Notre-Dame)
  7. 7. Quality assurance of data management systems in radiation oncology
    Natalie Pomerleau-Dalcourt* (Dr. Léon Richard Oncology Centre), Parminder Basran (BCCA-Vancouver Island Centre)
  8. 8. Technical Quality Control Guidelines for Helical Tomotherapy
    Dany Simard* (Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM) )
  9. 9. Technical Quality Control Guidelines for Cyberknife Radiation Therapy
    Emilie Soisson* (McGill University Health Centre), Eric Vandervoort (The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre), Horacio J. Patrocinio (McGill University Health Centre), Dominic Béliveau Nadeau (CHUM - Hôpital Notre-Dame), Thomas Chow (Juravinski Cancer Centre)

10 February, 2016 - 4:30pm:

  1. 1. A Multimedia Patient Education Initiative- Accessing the Perceptions of Patients and Radiation Therapists
    Salman Arif* (Hamilton Health Sciences- Juravinski Cancer Centre), Marcia Smoke (Hamilton Health Sciences- Juravinski Cancer Centre), Tom Farrell (Hamilton Health Sciences- Juravinski Cancer Centre), Shayne Allum (McMaster University/Mohawk College)
  2. 2. Through the lens of our patients: BCCA radiation therapy satisfaction survey overhaul
    Kelly Earnshaw* (BCCA-VIC), Ben Lee
  3. 3. Applying Human Factors Principles to Dynamic Documents in ARIA-RO
    Heather Giovannetti* (Jack Ady Cancer Centre/CancerControl AB), Wendy Webb (Community Oncology/CancerControl AB), Amanda Raven (Patient Safety/Alberta Health Services), Diane Lawlor (Tom Baker Cancer Centre/CancerControl AB), Jamie Anderson (Patient Safety/Alberta Health Services), Michael Piva (Cross Cancer Institute/CancerControl AB), Cynthia Stulp (Tom Baker Cancer Centre/CancerControl AB), Catherine Clay (Central Alberta Cancer Centre/CancerControl AB), Gillian Graham (Tom Baker Cancer Centre/CancerControl AB), Brian MacAusland (Jack Ady Cancer Centre/CancerControl AB), Heather Warkentin (Cross Cancer Institute/CancerControl AB)
  4. 4. Opal - the Oncology Patient Application
    John Kildea* (McGill University Health Centre), Laurie Hendren (McGill University), Tarek Hijal (McGill University Health Centre), David Hererra (McGill University Health Centre), Ackeem Joseph (McGill University), John Battista (McGill University Health Centre)
  5. 5. Standardizing and automating the evaluation of dose-volume histogram data
    Katie Lekx-Toniolo* (Radiation Medicine Program, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, Ottawa, Canada), Dan La Russa
  6. 6. Regional Community of Practice Efforts to Enhance Radiotherapy Peer Review: Work from the National Peer Review Study
    Natalie Pomerleau-Dalcourt* (Dr. Léon Richard Oncology Centre, Moncton NB), Amanda Caissie (Dalhousie University, Saint John NB), Robin Campbell (Saint John Regional Hospital, Saint John NB), Maria Corsten (Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre, St John's NL), Helmut Hollenhorst (Dalhousie University, Halifax NS), , Larry Pan (Dalhousie University, Charlottetown PEI), Lisa Sinclair (Cape Breton Cancer Centre, Sydney NS), Jennifer O’Donnell (Queen's University, Kingston ON), Michael Brundage (Queen's University, Kingston ON)
  7. 7. How NOT to Lose Friends Or Alienate People When Implementing Change In Radiation Medicine
    Julie Renaud* (The Ottawa Hospital), Jason Pantarotto (University of Ottawa), Choan E (University of Ottawa), Katie Lekx-Toniolo (The Ottawa Hospital), Robert Mahon (The Ottawa Hospital), Sandra Hamilton (The Ottawa Hospital), Andre Patry (The Ottawa Hospital), Manon Lacelle (The Ottawa Hospital), Miller MacPherson (The Ottawa Hospital)
  8. 8. Automated Quality Assurance at Breast Cancer Rounds – A process to improve efficiency and quality of patient care.
    Kathy Rock* (Princess Margaret Hospital -UHN), Aisling Barry (Princess Margaret Hospital -UHN), Chris Mcintosh (Princess Margaret Hospital -UHN), Tom Purdie (Princess Margaret Hospital -UHN), Anne Koch (Princess Margaret Hospital -UHN)

11 February, 2016 - 9:00am:

  1. 1. Change Management of IGRT in Breast Radiation Therapy: Guidance on Image Guidance, please?
    Parminder Basran* (BCCA-Vancouver Island Centre), Derek M. Wells (BCCA-Vancouver Island Centre), Jim Runkel (BCCA-Vancouver Island Centre), Kelly Earnshaw (BCCA-Vancouver Island Centre), Tanya Berrang (BCCA-Vancouver Island Centre)
  2. 2. Implementation of Image Guided Radiation Therapy Rounds
    Jennifer Bourque* (Nova Scotia Cancer Centre)
  3. 3. Turning a treatment planning software upgrade into a treatment planning process upgrade
    Greg Fox* (Radiation Medicine Program, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, Ottawa, Ontario), Rob Zohr, Dan La Russa, Jamie Bahm, Cathy Rose, Julie Renaud, Miller MacPherson, Katie Lekx-Toniolo
  4. 4. Electronic Waiting Room Management for a busy Cancer Centre
    Tarek Hijal* (McGill University Health Centre), John Kildea (McGill University Health Centre)
  5. 5. Event reporting system in radiation oncology: The experience of a new department
    Christina Marcoux* (CSSS Champlain-Charles Lemoyne, Universite de Sherbrooke), Marjory Jolicoeur, Noel Blais, Marie-Noelle Vezina, Diane Roy, Selma Mehiri, Julie Dubois
  6. 6. The Development of an Imaging Analysis Tool
    Patrick Quinn* (SMRCC)
  7. 7. Surface dosimetry of patients undergoing Total Body Irradiation (TBI): A retrospective analysis for quality assurance
    Arpita Sengupta* (Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Health Authority), Amanda Cherpak (Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Health Authority), Derek Wilke (Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Health Authority), Krista Chytyk-Praznik (Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Health Authority), Jason Schella (Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Health Authority), Mammo Yewondwossen (Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Health Authority), James Allan (Nova Scotia Health Authority), Liam Mulroy (Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Health Authority)